Balancing one’s body is done by many different practioners: acupressurist, acupuncturists, healers, reiki therapists, and others. Many know what it is, but do not really understand its power or ability.

Balancing usually works on the meridian lines, through reading the body’s own feedback, in order to release blocked, stagnant energy or to bring energy into areas that are lacking. As a result, a homeostatic energy flow is achieved and the body is able to aid itself. Meridians and their healing powers for the body have been used for centuries in China. They are still respected today and are part of their healthcare system.

At The Natural Path Alternative, Rebecca Martinez has studied many forms of balancing in a quest for her own personal healing. As a result, she can use any combination of her techniques that may aide in your body’s own healing ability.

She may use a combination of Western discoveries, ancient Chinese medicine, Russian techniques or even French maneuvers. This may involve muscle testing and applied kineosiology to evaluate the many aspects of health and lifestyle, and to discover hidden causes of many problems. It may also involve physically reading the areas of low and high energy and adjusting them through shiatsu, lymphatic drainage, or even by putting energy into areas that are stagnant. Some balancing forms may include color, sound, figure eight, pain tapping, pulse points, and meridian massage therapy. It may even include simply learning how to meditate to maintain an emotional homeostasis or learning how to breathe.

Regardless of the form or combinations that she uses, the person is an active participant. That may mean taking part in muscle testing, or lying back relaxing while allowing your body to do its work. All of this work can re-educate the muscles, energy flow, and spirit - thus allowing your own body to relieve stress emotionally and physically. It can also aid in the body’s healing ability because it teaches relaxation. All forms of balancing involve forming a communication between the individual and his or her body. You, as the client, are the best determinant of your body; but you need to learn to listen to it and respect what it is saying.

Session Type      Price
Bodywork, 1 hour      $85
Manual Lymph Drainage, 1 hour     $85
Lymph Combo, 1/2 Hour     $55
Lymph Combo, 1 hour     $85

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